SMU-X - First onsite Net-Zero Energy Building with MET Construction in City

Project Key Words:
Better Energy Performance than Green Mark (Platinum) Building, on-site Zero Energy Building
Mr. James Jian
Organization:Singapore Management University
Building and Construction Authority
Project Period:
20/08/2018 To 20/08/2020
Project Description:

Tahir Foundation Connexion is envisioned to be a showcase of SMU’s spirit of innovation and experimentation. Fronted by SMU’s innovation team and academic researchers, the project aims to achieve Net Zero Energy (NZE) performance by applying a range of innovative technologies on air-conditioning, lighting, building control system, smart technologies.
The Tahir Foundation Connexion is projected to achieve an Energy Usage Intensity (EUI) of 58.6 kWh/m²/year (which is equivalent to a building Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) of 45.5kWh/m²/year after normalisation).  This represents a savings of more than 60% compared to the best in class buildings of its kind (Green Mark Platinum Office Buildings, with an EEI of 120-140kWh/m²/year).  To address the challenge of achieving NZE for a mid-rise building in a densely built-up civic district, the Tahir Foundation Connexion plans to adopt an innovative design of solar veranda to generate sufficient electricity from a highly efficient PV system. With these energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions, Tahir Foundation Connexion can attain a self-sufficient energy performance (PV generation of 530,092kWh /year vs. energy consumption of 526,900kWh/year), making the Tahir Foundation Connexion a mid-rise ZEB based on on-site renewable energy generation.

To achieve the Net-Zero Energy target, Tahir Foundation Connexsion will adopt the following approaches:

-Enhanced Building Envelope, ETTV = 26 W/m2

-Photovoltaic Array 100% Energy Creation

-Enhanced Passive Displacement Cooling (EPDC), 44% Energy Savings, Building is equipped 100% with EPDC which also reduces maintenance cost and saves 300m2 of GFA

-LED Lighting and Smart Control, 43% Energy Savings, Occupancy responsive automatic lighting control system

-Plug Load Management, 19% Energy Savings, Manage the plug load energy consumption by deployment of occupancy sensors and smart contactors

-Operation Centric Smart Control System for Energy Efficient Operation

-Converged Power System (CPS), 68% Energy Savings, Conventional UPS systems replaced by CPS also saves space, maintenance cost and reduces heat load

-Oil-Free Chiller, 47% Energy Savings
-IAQ Monitoring and Ventilation Control, Occupancy responsive localised fresh air supply and air purging system
Lead Organization:
Singapore Management University
Project Impact
The project commenced construction in the second half of 2018 and is expected to complete in 15 months time. Once completed, it will be a useful platform to demonstrate how greater energy savings can be achieved by embracing new innovative green technologies.
Project status:
On-Going Completed Terminated
Project Outcomes:

Estimated EUI 58.6 kWh/m2/year, 45% better Energy Performance than Green Mark (Platinum) Building