Scalable and Smart Building Energy Management Systems

Project Key Words:
Hierarchical distributed token-based, reducing energy consumption in HVAC system,fault diagnosis
Dr. Su Rong
Organization:Nanyang Technological University
Designation:Associate Professor
Project Period:
01/07/2016 To 31/12/2018
Project Description:
Novelty of Proposal:

1. Highly scalable HVAC scheduling algorithm, taking indoor air quality and human thermal comfort into account.

2. Efficient system identification and fault diagnosis techniques.

3. Simple and affordable realization for plug-and-play retrofitting.

4. A realistic test bed at NTU S1-B1 and S1-B2 for illustration.

Objectives of Project:
1. To develop a hierarchical distributed token-based HVAC scheduling approach, for reducing energy consumption in commercial building HVAC systems.

2. To develop real-time model identification techniques, which enables plug-and-play simple building retrofitting and autonomous performance improvement.

3. To develop fault tolerance capabilities via identification.
4. To develop a test bed to validate the energy-saving potential of developed technologies.

Research Challenges:
1. Scalability of HVAC scheduling.

2. Identification via noisy and scattered measurements.

3. Realization of enabling technologies in an IoT framework.

4. Real-time data acquisition and communication issues for IoT-based building automation.

Lead Organization:
Nanyang Technological University
Project Impact
1. A scalable HVAC scheduling approach for large buildings, taking indoor air quality and human thermal comfort into account.2. Real-time model identification for fast model update and fault diagnosis.3. Simple and affordable technology realization, allowing plug-and-play building retrofitting.
Project status:
On-Going Completed Terminated
Project Outcomes:
1. A token-based HVAC scheduling software tool
2. A model identification software tool for autonomous performance improvement and fault diagnosis
3. A test bed development and system validation
4. Manpower training and publications