Green Building Management System – An Open IoT Platform Approach

Project Key Words:
IoT, human tracking, big data analysis, renewable energy and energy storage, Open platform
Dr. Yuen Chau
Organization:Singapore University of Technology and Design
Designation:Associated Professor
Wong Ngian Chung (BCA)
Project Period:
01/07/2016 To 31/12/2018
Project Description:

1. Integrating various subsystems.

2. Use big data driven techniques to better benchmark and optimize building energy.

3. Our designed platform enables third party to provide energy management as a service.

Objectives of Project:

1. Utilize low cost IoT devices for rapid and large scale deployment.

2. Integrate human tracking to account energy usage.

3. Cloud based system to enable big data analysis.

4. Integration of renewable energy and energy storage.

5. Open platform.

Lead Organization:
Singapore University of Technology and Design
Project Impact
1. Better integration of human movement activity and renewable energy in green building management. 2. New modeling approach for building energy system. 3. Enabling a healthy green building eco system.
Project status:
On-Going Completed Terminated
Project Outcomes:
1. Open cloud-connected IoT platform. (done)
2. Unified smart building gateway. (done)
3. Energy management system with big data. (on-going)
4. Interactive user-interface. (on-going)
5. Testbed at KTPH. (on-going)